Media law

In today's media age, new legal questions arise almost daily about developments and opportunities in this field. Media law as a collective term for the extensive questions arising in connection with the "old" and "new" media is one of the core areas of our activities as lawyers.


For this purpose, we are happy to provide you with our expertise acquired through constant further training and education, as well as our own media affinity.


In media law, we take over all tasks for you with regard to:

In the field of telemedia, we advise you on all questions concerning electronic communication and

Information services. In particular, the rights and obligations of host- access- and content providers belong to the core area of this matter.


Questions concerning information, participation and transparency obligations are regularly raised here. We advise you in disputes with media institutions, non-profit associations and interest groups, as well as in all other disputes and questions.


Core group of our clients are:

  • Commercial and private website operators
  • Social Media Users
  • Bloggers
  • VLoger
  • Influencer

Broadcasting law with its constitutional references in Germany has a decisive influence on our everyday media life. This poses a variety of problems in these areas:

  • protection of minors
  • permitted advertising
  • broadcasting licence
  • media contribution.

The rights of utterance and their evaluation and classification are more present than ever due to the comprehensive networking and wide reach of electronic communication.


A special role is played here by current topics that regularly occupy the Internet. In particular:

  • hate speech
  • fake news
  • Cyber Bullying / Cyber Grooming
  • Fake valuations
  • Rage porn etc.


If you have any problems or questions in this area of conflict, we will be happy to provide you with legal expertise on the possible courses of action and, if necessary, quick legal assistance.

Press law through its constitutional legitimacy and its important position within the democratic discourse is an important component of media law. We advise and represent:

  • Print and online media
  • (freelance) journalists
  • correspondents


in all questions around the special features regulated in the press laws.


In addition, the laws of picture reporting and the rights of the persons depicted represent an important part of our consulting activities.


In this context, cases of violation of the personality rights within the framework of the Art Copyright Act (KUG) in Germany regularly arise, the protection of which must be examined individually and on a case-by-case basis in consideration of the conflicting rights.


We advise:

  • photographers
  • media agencies
  • publishing houses
  • pictured persons / photo models


to create and maintain a legally secure publication or to prevent an illegal publication.

Publishing law regulates the special relationship between the publisher and the author within special regulations and also on the basis of the Copyright Act.


Important core questions around the publication of a book are:

  • publication
  • distribution
  • utilization
  • marketing
  • remuneration


of the respective written work.


The German book price fixing and its concern for a transparent and broad range of products in the book sector also plays an important role here.

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