Attorney-at-law Norbert Geyer - Certified Lawyer in IT law · data protection

Principal areas of activity:


As a certified lawyer in IT law, Attorney-at-Law Norbert Geyer is the main contact for all IT law problems and matters. He is therefore responsible for looking after all advertising agencies and IT entrepreneurs.   

Trademark law and competition law:

As another focus of Attorney-at-Law Geyer's legal activity is in trademark law and competition law, in addition to the registration eligibility opinions for trademarks, he is also responsible for matters relating to advertising law. For this, he reviews advertising concepts with regard to their admissibility under competition law and trademark law and works closely together with the agencies in the development of advertising concepts.

Contract law:

Particularly in IT law, Attorney-at-Law Geyer is always needed when it involves contract structuring and the reviewing of contracts. In addition to preparing general terms and conditions and software contracts, he also has extensive experience with contracts in the field of affiliate marketing and the affiliate contracts.


Attorney-at-Law Geyer is responsible at RDP for planning, implementation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. In consultation with Attorney-at-Law Uwe Dehm, he looks after all matters relating to hardware and software installations and their running capability. 

Legal career:

After degree studies in law at the University of Augsburg and a legal clerkship in the District of the Munich Higher Regional Court, Attorney-at-Law Norbert Geyer worked for a supra-regional law firm at its Munich location from 2002 - 2004. From 2005, he was a partner in a civil-law-orientated law firm in Augsburg, until he joined RDP as a partner in 2009.

In addition to his activity as a lawyer, Attorney-at-Law Geyer also worked as an examiner and marker for the University of Augsburg and LMU Munich in the years 2002 - 2009.


Sport background:

Attorney-at-Law Geyer played on various e-sports teams of a team-based game in an international league for various sponsors from 2002 until 2008. His high level of IT understanding and enthusiasm for IT also originates from this time. With e-sport, the specialisation of the individual players in the relevant positions and the finely tuned cooperation between the players is relevant for joint success.

As a balance to working life, mountain biking is now one of his great passions.