Attorney-at-law Uwe Dehm (certified tax lawyer)

Principal areas of activity:

Tax law:

Attorney-at-Law Uwe Dehm (certified tax-lawyer) is the responsible contact for all tax matters, as a lawyer in tax law. He mainly advises small and medium-sized companies regarding the tax organisation of corporate structures, balance sheets, income and profit tax, trade income tax and the taxation of partnerships.


Internally, Attorney-at-Law Dehm is responsible for managing the internal firm processes, controlling and process optimisation.

Legal career:

After degree studies in law at the Universities of Augsburg and Lausanne and legal clerkship at the Munich Higher Regional Court, Attorney-at-Law Uwe Dehm worked at the FKS law firm in Augsburg in 2005/2006. In 2006, he founded the firm of Röhl & Dehm Attorneys-at-Law together with Attorney-at-Law Christian M. Röhl, from which RDP emerged in 2009. 


Sport background:

Attorney-at-Law Uwe Dehm is a passionate surfer. Already during his studies, he combined is passion for riding waves with a practical legal activity on the Fiji Islands. After work, he can be found on inner-city waves in virtually any weather, particularly on the wave in the English Garden in Munich. In addition to this, he practises Shorinji Kempo, if time allows.