Legal fields

With our specialisation in the fields of IP law and IT law, we have concentrated on legal fields in a targeted manner, which most law firms have previously only handled peripherally, if at all.

IP law covers all areas of industrial property (trademark law, competition law, mark law, design patent law, etc.) and copyright and media law.

In this area, we primarily look after companies and trademark owners with the enforcement of their rights and strengthening of their trademark portfolio. We file trademark applications, monitor new applications for conflicting trademarks and protect the trademark, if necessary, through customs confiscation procedures of pirated products and warnings in the case of trademark breaches.  

In addition to this, we support advertising agencies in all matters pertaining to advertising law and design protection. We are also available with advice for the creation of new trademarks - new logos and trademark creations should be examined for conflict with existing trademarks as early as possible.

IT law has a major intersection with the field of IP. It is often the Internet, where breaches of trademark or competition violations come to light.  Warnings resulting from the breaches are often allocated to IT law.

The IT law sector, which is separate from IP, is also not an inherently separate field of law; at its core, it always involves applying the general contractual provisions and the existing laws to the special features of the modern electronic world.

The field of e-commerce is therefore sales law with specific information duties and IT-specific rules. In domain law, trademark law, as well as naming law and mark law, again play a key role.

Software contract law faces the lawyer with the task of structuring the contract while being famil-iar with the specific features of software, the functionality of programs, requirements for the IT infrastructure and running processes of software creation and subjecting these to the valid legal provisions.

Therefore, it is essential for the area of IT law that the responsible lawyer has significant technical knowledge and understanding, as the knowledge of the legal situation and case law alone will not provide practical solutions.  

At first glance, tax law does not appear to fit in with the aforementioned fields.

However, when you consider that particularly trademarks, designs, software and even domains are now important business assets and are often a company's biggest capital, it is also clear that all of these intangible assets must be assessed under tax law.

Many tax consultants and lawyers in tax law are faced with the problem of not having access to the subject matter. Through the close link between all of our legal fields, we specifically close this gap, as we can offer our clients the optimum legal solution as well as with regard to tax legislation.

The problem of the Artists' Social Welfare Fund has also particularly become a major issue with advertising agencies and freelancers. Experience has shown that this field is often not sufficiently regarded in ordinary tax consulting and furthermore, considerable legal assessment must be carried out, which only a lawyer is authorised and qualified to do.

Tax law therefore complements our range of consulting services at key points and creates the security for our clients of being in step with the times with regard to tax legislation.