The idea


What makes a successful team? Is it the outstanding qualities of the individuals? Is it the streamlined management that plans success right down to the minute details? Is it the "team spirit" of always wanting to be just that much better than the competition? Or is it the will to always give the best? Fighting spirit?

Presumably, it is a combination of all of these. But a truly successful team still has to have crucial quality in order to avoid mediocrity - each individual must subordinate his manpower to the success of the team, without losing his individuality and brilliance in doing so.

Our very personal, longstanding experience in top-class sports has allowed all of us to internalise these characteristics and have helped us to form and manage our firm precisely according to these maxims.

In the extremely different personalities of the four partners of the firm of Röhl Dehm & Partner, many things are combined, which would have presumably made us into a successful sports team - if we had all played the same type of sport. However, we put ourselves and our ambition entirely at the service of our firm and your tasks for us.

Therefore, every mandate and every client is always the new challenge that we are looking for and that we look forward to.