Michaela Berger, LL.M.

Specialized IT lawyer,
Data protection auditor,
data protection officer

Key activities

Data protection


Together with lawyer Norbert Geyer, Ms. Berger heads the Data Protection / IT / Labor Law department at RDP.


The main focus of her work is advising companies and internal data protection officers on data protection law.

As a certified data protection officer (TÜV Süd) and data protection auditor (DSA-TÜV Süd), RAin Berger also works as an external data protection officer for companies.


The focus of the data protection advice is on all aspects of employee data protection and data protection organization. For example, Mrs. Berger advises companies on the creation and implementation of data protection concepts / data protection management systems or, as a data protection auditor, carries out data protection audits for conformity checks.


Labour law


In labour law, the focus is on advising RDP's clients on labour law issues. The main focus here is on drafting employment contracts and company guidelines and advising on all labour law issues that arise within the company.




Internally, RAin Berger is responsible for marketing and all related topics.

Michaela Berger, LL.M.

Specialist lawyer for IT law

certified data protection officer (TÜV Süd)

certified data protection auditor (TÜV Süd)