Sports Law

The world of sports is as multifaceted as its legal facets. Whether it is ice hockey, soccer, handball, basketball or table tennis, every sport has both sporting and legal peculiarities. There is no generally applicable "sports law" in Germany.


Legal issues arise not only around the self-imposed, autonomously created set of rules, but above all in the spheres of state law. In view of the increasing economic importance of sport, new sport-specific problem areas are constantly arising, for the legal solution of which we are glad to be at your disposal.

Sport is firmly rooted in our law firm, which is why we are passionate about representing the interests of sports associations, sports clubs, athletes and sponsors, particularly in the following areas.

Contracts have a considerable economic relevance not only in professional sports. The numerous possibilities for drafting contracts and the constantly evolving contractual constellations entail special risks, which we are happy to assist you in eliminating. With our expertise, we ensure that sports-related peculiarities are taken into account in your contracts and we accompany you from contract negotiations to the final conclusion of the contract.


Here we advise you on all questions concerning your:

  • Employment contract, service contract and transfer
  • sponsoring contract
  • equipment contract
  • spectator contract
  • Consulting and agency contract

As a law firm specializing in trademark law, we can help you to build a strong brand and offer you comprehensive advice in the following areas:

  • Administration of the trademark portfolio
  • trademark application
  • trademark search
  • Trademark defence
  • Conducting opposition proceedings

Sports and media are closely intertwined. The media coverage is enormous, not only for major sporting events. We therefore provide support in all matters of media law relating to broadcasting and the press.


In this context, the topics of eSports and streaming also play a special role. Competition in computer and video games is still on the rise and is experiencing great popularity among the population. In case of problems and questions regarding eSports and streaming, we are happy to advise streamers, gamers and/or agencies.


Our services include:

  • Media exploitation rights
  • television exploitation contract
  • harmful reporting
  • unauthorized use of your image or name
  • eSports & Streaming
  • Platform Ban

Within the framework of the autonomy of associations, clubs and federations can design their rules and structure autonomously, i.e. they are responsible for their own organization. In individual cases, however, this can quickly become difficult and complicated, which is why we are happy to provide you with our expertise in the following areas:

  • Legal forms and management of clubs/associations
  • Memberships
  • questions of statutes
  • Criminal jurisdiction of clubs and associations
  • Jurisdiction of associations
  • Arbitration

Globalization has been a reality in sports for years. Negotiations with foreign colleagues are part of everyday life. As an internationally active law firm, we are also happy to advise and represent you in cross-border proceedings.

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