Legal advice in IT law requires specialized attorneys and law firms, even more than in other areas of law, a high level of understanding of the technical basics and problem structures of IT in addition to the required legal expertise and the necessary experience.


Particularly in the support of IT and software projects, it is essential that legal advice goes beyond the mere knowledge of IT terminology and has a genuine understanding of the underlying processes and functionalities in order to find practicable solutions.


As specialist lawyers for IT law, we offer sound legal advice in the following areas:

IT law includes all IT-specific contracts, such as contracts for the creation of software, hosting contracts, software maintenance contracts, SaaS / cloud solutions and the special forms of user rights clauses, confidentiality agreements and conflict resolution contained therein.

In addition, the large area of legal relations between Internet users is also part of IT law. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is subject to IT law as are domain disputes.


  • Preparation / examination of general terms and conditions
  • Examination of websites with regard to all e-commerce requirements as well as data protection laws
  • Creation of data privacy statements
  • Advice on the use of tracking tools
  • Data protection advice on the use of social media
  • Crypto currencies
  • Domain disputes
  • Law of Affiliate Networks
  • IT compliance

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