Data pro­tection con­cept / data pro­tection ma­na­ge­ment sys­tem

In times of the GDPR, selective data protection is no longer effective in order to fulfil all obligations arising from the GDPR (Accountability).


The sole appointment of a data protection officer therefore only fulfils a part of the requirements of the GDPR.

The supervisory authorities can also demand the submission of company-wide data protection concepts as part of the audits, which is why the implementation of a data protection management system is unavoidable.

Imple­mentation of a data pro­tection mana­gement sys­tem

Au­diting of the en­tire com­pany with regard to:

Documentation and preparation of findings


  • Actual workflows
  • Existing work instructions, documentation, contracts
  • Existing data protection processes
  • List of processing activities
  • Fulfilment of information duties
  • Data protection agreements (DPA, Joint Controllership)
  • Security of data-processing
  • List of all located deviations with risk assessment
  • Conception of work packages prioritized according to risk and probability of occurrence

Once the work pa­ckages have been fina­lized, im­plementation will be driven forward in the indivi­dual spe­cialized de­partments:

  • Initial workshop with all specialized departments
  • Creation of processing directories
  • Determination of the required data protection agreements with service providers
  • Fulfilment of information obligations
  • Implementation of data protection processes (information, deletion, conduct in the event of a data breach)
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Deletion concept


In addition, all employees are instructed in the data protection management system.

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