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Fields of law

ePrivacy regulation

The new ePrivacy Regulation represents a special law (lex specialis) on the general GDPR, which is intended to supplement and clarify it, particularly in the field of electronic communications.

Data protection management /
data protection concept /
regular auditing

In order to fulfil the documentation obligations and to prove that all obligations arising from the GDPR are implemented in the company, a written concept that can be submitted in written form is recommended.

Rechtsanwalt Uwe Dehm in Augsburg und München

Uwe Dehm

Attorney at law,

Specialized tax lawyer

Rechtsanwalt Norbert Geyer in Augsburg

Norbert Geyer


Specialized IT lawyer, Data protection officer

Rechtsanwalt Christian Röhl in München und Augsburg

Christian Röhl, LL.M.

Attorney at law,

Specialized Intellectual Property Lawyer

Michaela Berger, Rechtsanwältin und Fachanwältin für IT-Recht, Datenschutz-Auditorin und Datenschutzbeauftragte in Augsburg

Michaela Berger, LL.M.


Specialized IT lawyer, Data protection auditor, data protection officer